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[sticky post] Fake Track [Nov. 28th, 2012|08:56 pm]
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silly pants
but she's a fake
betrayed women and sisterhood
pretending to bring women together
knowing she's torn them apart
so much pain for those women
she helped crush their hearts
i know them, she knows them
it was so sad to see
their sorrow
she didn't want to be with her husband anymore
she wanted to be with a man at work
she wanted to be with her neighbor
she wanted to use it or lose it
i'm sure it made her feel good about herself
but those men would have cheated with others
she's just the one they could get
she knows that now
they didn't choose to be with her
every time I see her big teeth or hear her fake snorty laugh
i feel ill
she actually refers to herself as awesome
all the time
but I act just as fake
if i told anyone, i fear they'd shrug it off
i'd be the shunned one
i know how this works
so I keep my stupid secret
and hope others figure her out on their own

Mr.Secret Keeper

[User Picture]From: thepassword2
2015-05-01 02:13 am (UTC)
People like that are utterly disgusting.
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